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It just occurred to me.

Is dance class turning people gayer? Discuss. Not that there's a damn thing wrong with gay people, but I keep getting the feeling that all the guys are kinda hitting on each other in class. Such a difference.

Also--Steve, Yungsung? Hit me, I need to know if we're gonna practice out of class. I might have to do some creative scheduling.
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It's the teach who's gay I TOLD you all he was a gay french-man!!! and wants us to be. I do NOT want to dance with elf-boy.
Elf boy is kinda strange. Can't blame you. Also, teach may be gay, but for serious, lookit these guys--too chummy to be for real, you know?
Yeah, man. There are definitely some gays in our class. As long as they don't hit on me, I really don't care.
Dancing doesn't make you gay.

Blame dancers. I do.
Hah. Well, when you put it that way...
PFFFFT is all I say.
You? Protest?

O, be still my beating heart.
I know I know. You just cant handle all of this.
Pfft. You can't touch this, more like!
I have something better to touch :B
Iiiiiff you say sooo.
I'm suddenly glad that I'm not in this class.
What, the severe lack of spandex in your life made you pine otherwise?
...I don't wear spandex. They hurt in places I'd prefer not to mention.
Oh, tell us, do!
I'd rather not. That way, I can spare everyone of the details.
Mm, but rember, sharing iiis carring?
What does that tell you about the sharing part? At least you're not annoying like the other cheerleaders.
...well, oh-kay.

sardonic, smile, con, flirt all

November 2006

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